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What difference does it make?

Some time back, someone whom I love and respect whose spiritual views are very different from mine asked me what difference my faith made to me. I gave her an inadequate and inarticulate answer about hope. Once in a while that … Continue reading

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Giving it a go with the Methodists

This morning we visited a Methodist church. When you don’t know a whole lot of people who can give you recommendations (my husband and I are both pretty asocial), it can be tough to choose a church. So, we defaulted … Continue reading

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Spiritual Sherpa Time

Recently, I picked up Not God’s Type (Holly Ordway). http://www.goodreads.com/hollyordway Ordway is a self-described academic and atheist who begins exploring the idea that God and Christianity are true things. As she researches and delves into these concepts, their implications and … Continue reading

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