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Prophets Project

Thoughts from Isaiah 25-36

So many things jumped out as me as I read these chapters! It surprised me, since they are mostly more warnings of destruction and promises of deliverance. I’ll use bullet points, since they’re a bit… non-themed. 🙂

  • Isaiah 26:3: The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You.
    I’m not sure why I clicked on it, but I checked the translation on the word “steadfast.” It translated “to lean, lay, rest, support.”  Huh. I always think of steadfast as strong – able to withstand. But to be that way because we’re trusting in, leaning on, the one who truly is strong… what a great thing.
  • Isaiah 26:14 and Isaiah 26:19 both address the resurrection (or lack thereof) of the dead. It made me wonder what concept the people of the time would have had of the rising of departed spirits. What would this have meant to them? Would it have seemed bizarre? I guess I need to find another source for some deeper context.
  • Chapter 28 is almost entirely mysterious to me. I just don’t understand most of it. And what do you suppose people made of the “cornerstone” (Isaiah 28:16-18)? That being said, I did find some really wonderful stuff here, too. The first five verses are an awesome reminder that worldly beauty is temporary, fleeting, corrupting, not substantive. We all know the longing for worldly things; but waiting, remaining steadfast and rooted will ultimately result in the fulfillment that we seek. God will be our “crown of glory” (Isaiah 28:5). Finally, I love the farming analogy in verses 24-28. This image of God refining and disciplining us so that we can fulfill our purpose, to fully develop our beauty is reassuring, challenging, lovely.
  • Isaiah 34:14. “Night monster” (translation “a female night-demon”)??? What the dickens is that? I did a little commentary reading and it sounds like this was a reference to a superstition about a scary woman/creature/thing that stole children. Or a screech owl. Weird. 🙂

I could rehash topics I’ve addressed in other posts that are still relevant to this reading, but I think I’ll spare you that today.

Merry, merry Christmas, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Prophets Project

  1. Enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts–they’re good ones, as usual. The night demon thing is weird. Cuz a female monster and a screech owl are pretty much the same thing, right?

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